About the Zulu Kingdom


The Zulu Kingdom, officially known as KwaZulu Natal is located in the southern eastern province of South Africa and is the heartland of the Zulu people. It stretches from Port Edward and the Eastern Cape in the south to the borders of Swaziland and Mozambique to the north. It has a diverse and rich terrain of savannah grassland, soaring mountains and dramatic coastline. Within just two hours of Durban, visitors can enjoy a myriad of truly unique experiences in KwaZulu-Natal, better known locally as the Zulu Kingdom.



Lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards and other wildlife can be found in abundance at local game parks, in addition to some of the best dive sites in the world which can also be found in the region. Come and explore the many species which today faces extinction, the beautiful landscapes, rivers, hills and mountains, which remain threatened by climate change. Enjoy the majestic splendour of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Africa or immerse yourself in the historical battlefields and, of course, the rich heritage of the Zulu people, whose beliefs and values remain intact, despite the transformation in their lives.


Its a land of the people, who, despite not being classified affluent, lead extraordinary lives, and whose wealth is far more profound than mere material riches. Roam at will and marvel at the beauty of our Kingdom!


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